Check out what kind of cart the game uses Dump Ram, Wram and whatever else you may want for any reason
The main window, of course you can drag & drop Find ram easily
Find out what parts of the image is mapped, very useful, especially if there is alot of chrrom ;)
If you can program for the nes, you'll enjoy this Not very useful since you can now use the ram hex editor but it serves some use.
Edit Chrrom (And ram) dynamicly, rom can save back into the image
See what is being drawn before it shows up on screen
A Full hex editor with table support which allows you to edit the rom while you play! be careful, you dont want to lock up your game :p
Hex editing for all your ram, you can increase your money if the game likes to hassle you for it :@ (use search memory to find the ram value)
Check out the tiles your playing with, Also you can see what colour # is being used :)